Back40Tattoo Academy llc

116 S. Molalla Ave, OR 97038


Our Story

Our story is more of a passion.

Nicolette’s passion to teach adults to express themselves and a strong belief "there are no such thing as coincidences".

“Nothing is better than watching that “ah-ha” moment happen when an adult learns something new”~Nic

We all have art in our hearts. It is our honor to help individuals pull it out and share it with the world.

With the incredible support of some equally tenacious individuals Back40Tattoo Academy went from a dream to reality.

 A drive to do things different, the deep desire to set a better standard for an artist coming into an ancient industry. 

We are graciously humble to be a part of your next chapter. 

Nicolette Ferreira 


10yrs experience

Spealizes in cover-ups, over-hauls, restoration. 

Scars, keloids, stretch-marks, adverse skin defects.

Areole restoration.




Antique color

Rich and royal coloring

Polynesian Tribal

Sacred Geometry





Michael Frangipani


Instructor in training

Bachelor in the science of Biology

Oregon State University Alumni

6yrs experience in business operations and managment of trade skilled apprentice applications. 

Director of operational Policy, Rules, and Regulations . 

Heather Strange

School Administrative

student & Client Service Executive

*Instructor in training

7yrs experience in the tattoo industry operations and parlor managment. School  Administrator, Records, and intructor.

Nikki Girany


Specializes in cover-ups, over-hauls, and restoration.


Full color





Fine-line work


Our Student Levels

Beginner Tattoo Artist 

Everyone that begins our programs starts here. Here we will let you show us what you can do. Discuss where you want to be and how you want to develope your craft.

Junior Tattoo Artist

Once you've completed your theory hours and have begun working on live canvas you will know the fundamentals of technique. 

Senior Tattoo Artist

This is nearing the end of your formal training. You know the key basics of what to do and what NOT to do to the skin. Advanced techniques are introduced based on artist personal style preference.